Integrated Pest Management Program

Integrated Pest Management Program

Integrated Pest Management Program

“Pesticides can solve the problem but need not have to be the first choice”


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the process of anticipating and preventing pest activity and infestation by combining these strategies and tactics.


Educating Our Customers

PestBusters believes that informing customers of the cause of pest problems will help build a better understanding of necessary actions to cure the problems. We provide pest management talks and presentations to our clients as part of our IPM program. A continuous involvement and participation by our customers help us to evolve an effective IPM program that is custom tailored for you.


Good Sanitation Management

Our Certified and Licensed technicians will carefully inspect your premises for areas where the unwanted pests thrive. Harborage sites include excessive accumulations of rubbish, food waste and other debris. Our technicians will offer advice and recommendations on the improvement of such areas in order to maximize effective pest control.


Structural Repairs and Maintenance

Pest infestation can often be better managed by making minor repairs to the structure or premise. Common repairs include caulking, screening, and improving drainage flow which our technicians will inspect and make recommendations in their service reports.


Biological and Mechanical Control Techniques

We employ the use of baits, traps and deterrents to monitor and control unwanted pests. Pesticide usage will be kept to a minimum by using other various effective non-chemical techniques. Our goal is towards providing safe, healthy, effective and long-lasting results for our clients.


Limited Pesticide Application

The amount of pesticide needed for effective pest control will be reduced gradually as infestation improves while practicing all phases of PestBusters’ Integrated Pest Management Program. The appropriate quantity and application methods will be administered by trained professionals.